(Correct) English only, please!

People always underestimate the correct use of the English language. They often make the evolution of language as an excuse when committing grammatical errors. Recently, the singular they have been accepted as grammatically correct. In a recent update of The Washington Post style guide, it has been stated that the singular they have already been given an official approval. In a statement released by Post copy editor Bill Walsh, he said that the singular they are “the only sensible solution to English’s lack of a gender-neutral third-person singular personal pronoun.” This is just one of the developments in the English language that happened through time. Because of these, people get confused about what is the correct and incorrect grammar.

When we talk about writers or journalists, in particular, the correct use of grammar is very important. Journalists are looked up to and, are considered to be very influential people. They are heard and read around the globe. When it comes to grammatical errors, committing a few is still acceptable but, committing one too many is like breaking one of the cardinal rules of journalistic writing. Having grammatical errors all over your work will not set a good example for your audience. CNW PR Newswire Company Communications Assistant Melissa Meyer said that “if you can’t write properly, you can’t relay your subject matter with authority.” How will your audience believe you if you yourself do not know how to use your Basic English.

The correct use of grammar shows your credibility and professionalism as a writer. Grammatical errors show that you are careless and unconscious with your use of words. People will think that you are not good at your own craft. Your grammar is as important as your facts; when you get both of them right, people will trust you even more. People will give respect to you and to your work. Your work will reflect on who you are as a writer. If you continue to give your audience sloppy work, you will eventually lose them and, some might just question your accuracy as well.

Correct grammar makes communication easier for it shows clarity. It keeps people from being misunderstood and out of context. In that way, thoughts and ideas are expressed clearly and effectively. It is important that your audience understands and relates to what you are saying. Your thoughts will just be rendered useless if bad grammar is used. People might not get what you want to say. A good writer will always make his audience think. If you have bad grammar, you might make your audience think but you just give them a bad headache thinking on how bad your grammar is.

People will always expect that as journalists, you know what you are already doing. Technology will continue to rise, social media will always to prosper and develop and, the English language will remain evolving, but one thing that will always remain constant—the importance of the correct use of grammar. K KRYSTAL GAYLE DIGAY


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