Pinocchio: Unmasking the reality about journalists

The pursuit for truth in the field of journalism is challenged every time. Factors like the public, the sources, the editors or authorities and the people involved are always considered. These factors put the news at risk, sacrifice the truth and certainly, not everyone is pleased.

In the Korean drama series “Pinocchio”, it showcases a reporter with a Pinocchio syndrome. This causes her to hiccup every time she tells a lie. Choi In-Ha, the lead actress in the series, tries to defy her condition by becoming a journalist. Together with Choi Dal Po, they took an internship at a current affairs news desk and was exposed to the world of journalism. The series runs showing the reality about journalists. At the first episode of the series, when a fire accident broke down, you will already see how these journalists deliver the news. Each one of them took the news at a different angle. Eager to catch the attention of the public, Song Cha-Ok, a news reporter and the mother of In-Ha, twisted and altered the story about the fire accident. Sacrificing the truth just to get higher ratings in their show, she destroyed the life of Dal Po which later on gave him the drive to be a journalist himself.

The drama was able to portray journalists in different ways. It showed journalists as one of the most influential people in our society. They hold the power to make or break someone as they are able to manipulate and control every single story that they deliver. A journalist’s word overpowers every piece of weaponry anyone can think of. This may be an exaggeration but, it is the reality that we must face. Powerful people will not waste their money paying journalists to make them “look good” or, to get them killed if their words does not matter.

As journalists, we are bound to deliver what the society asks us to but, it is also our responsibility to bring to them the truth. In-Ha once said, “A reporter must protect the public welfare. News must serve the public’s interest.” We as journalists will always have a choice. It is our choice to deliver what is well and just to the society. Some truths have been kept as secrets for protection and to avoid mass panic but we can always be objective and still manage to present credible news about it.

As seen in the show, the reporters in the story were very keen with what is happening around them. They were persistent to get a scoop even with the smallest stories. It shows that journalists will always be there, trying to unveil our world’s best kept secrets.

The portrayals shown in the series may all be true but that does not mean they are consistent. Journalists change depending on the context they are at, and changes are always bound to happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them. K.


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